SLG Beverage Holder for CanAm Renegade and Outlander


**Please add coating colors to the "Order Special Instructions" at checkout**

SLG Welding stainless steel beverage holder goes in place of that useless plastic cap and even straightens out that heat warped fender, fits all regular cans.   

Renegade and gen 1 Outlander install: Simply pop out the plastic cap, slip this in and use it as a template to drill the five 8mm holes, and pop in the included plastic push rivets.

Gen 2 outlander install: Same as the Renegade but you will have to drill the large hole aswell as they don’t have the hole from factory. 

Please remember everything is built to order, coated beverage holders are typically shipped within 3-4 weeks, Raw beverage holders are shipped within 1 week of order confirmation**