Talon Caddy

Talon Clamps:

These heavy duty clamps are CNC cut out of 1” HDPE plastic and have unique tabs on the inside of the clamps to prevent up and down movement of the arms. HDPE is used for its colder temperature resistance, high impact strength as well as the best feature; Your paint will not be affected and your radiator support bars won’t be damaged. These are engineered and tested to handle 20lbs of weight comfortably.

Threaded T nuts are used and pressed into the HDPE for ease of installation, no hard to reach areas with a wrench!


CNC cut ⅛” thick aluminum coupled with ½”  CNC cut HDPE border gives the platform a lot of strength with weight reduction as a bonus. Multiple 0.5” holes gives you the ability to strap multiple items in different configurations. The dimensions of the caddy are 15 ½” long and 8” wide.

If purchasing the powder coated option please indicate paint code and year of your quad in the "Order Special Instructions" at checkout.

Raw items will have a lead time of 1-2 weeks and powder coated items can take up to 4 weeks. These are built to order.