Talon LinQ Plate

Add On
Machined 1 ⁄ 2 '' HDPE provides extra strength for most LinQ attachments for your XMR Outlander. Who says you can’t use your accessories all year round? Two LinQ Bases are pre-mounted on the plate, so when you get the kit installed, start quickly swapping to your content! We will have the Can-am Tool Holder (Axe Holder) as well as the Koplin Gear Grabber (Gun Holder) available for purchase in the add-on LinQ options above! The following BRP product codes are guaranteed to fit our LinQ plate:
Ski Doo / Can-am

SKU 860202445(1 Gal Oil Container)
SKU 860201774(1 Gal Gas Container)
SKU 860202447(17L Sport Bag)
SKU 860201678(19L + 3L Medium Tunnel Bag)
SKU 715005340(LinQ Gear Grips (Gun Holder))  
SKU 715007358(LinQ Tool Holder (Axe Holder))