Ceramic Coating - the Pipe Body and Tip must be ceramic coated rather than powder coated to withstand high temperatures and prevent discolouration.
  • Chrome
  • Grey
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Clear (to keep raw stainless look)
Powder Coating - can be applied to the Logo, Fender Supports, Beverage Holder, and Storage Kit.
  • Any colour
Powder coating is NOT a recommended option for the tip and logo if you are going to use an OFF-THE-SHELF tune for your new exhaust as they can discolor from the excess heat.  It is only recommended when your machine has been properly Dyno tuned or tuned with an AFR gauge for your machines specific modifications and your elevation.
    Please add your color selections to the Special Instructions For Seller box at checkout.  In addition, please include the year and color of your machine so we match the powder coating accordingly.  See example below.