Q:  What’s your turn around time on a pipe?

A:  Raw stainless pipes are built and shipped between 1-2 weeks. Coated pipes are built, coated and shipped within 3-4 weeks.


Q:  What’s your cancellation policy?

A:  Order cancellations within 24 hours of purchase will be accepted with a 15% restocking and processing fee.

All of our orders are custom built-to-order items and therefore will be deemed FINAL SALE and unable to be refunded if over 24 hours from when the order was placed.


Q:  How do I order a custom logo?

A:  Please contact us directly to discuss.  Custom logos are an additional $30CAD and can increase turnaround time to 4-6 weeks plus shipping time.


Q:  Do you do other custom work?

A:  Yes.  Contact us directly to discuss.


Q:  Do the SLG Welding pipes and dry storage kits use the factory mounting hardware?

A:  Yes. We reuse all factory mounting hardware.


Q:  How often do I have to repack my exhaust?

A:  The average rider should repack their exhaust about every 40-50 hours of riding.  However this can vary depending on the type of riding you do, more aggressive race machines will need a repack more often than the average trail rider.


Q:  How do I repack my exhaust?

A:  It is quite simple, as the four button cap screws get removed and the aluminum flange will slide out revelling the inner packing and perforated tube.  Clean all internals and with the repack kit, wrap as tight as possible around the perforated tube and reassemble.


Q:  Do the raw uncoated pipes rust?

A:  No.  They are built from 100% 304 stainless steel inside and out, they will never rust but will heat stain when they get hot.  To maintain the original raw stainless look please select our clear ceramic coating option.


Q:  What is a quiet core?

A:  The purpose of the quiet core is to dampen the noise level of the pipe by a few decibels.


Q:  What is a spark arrestor?

A:  The purpose of the spark arrestor is to keep hot debris from exiting the exhaust which could potentially harm the environment.  It also helps in reducing the noise level of the pipe.


Q:  Can you combine a quiet core and a spark arrestor?

A:  Yes.  By combining the two it will create our quiet series pipe.


Q:  Do you ship worldwide?

A:  Yes.


Q:  Do you stock pipes?

A:  No.  All pipes are built to order. 


Q:  Does my quad need to be fuel tuned to run an SLG Welding pipe?

A:  Yes.  All machines require fuel tuning either by a stand alone fuel controller/tuner or by an ECU flash. 


Q:  Will an SLG Welding pipe void my factory warranty?

A:  Yes.  In most cases depending on your dealer. 


Q:  Can you build a custom pipe for a machine not listed on your website? 

A:  Yes.  We will need the machine to be able to build the pipe. Contact us directly to go over what you would like. 


Q:  Do you make dual pipes?

A:  No. We stay away from the dual setups because a well built single pipe will always build more horsepower than the duals. 


Q:  Do you make headers?

A:  No.  If you are in the market for them contact us and we will let you know what brands our slip ons will match up to.


Q:  How do I know if you make a pipe for my machine?

A:  If there isn’t a listing on the website for your quad that just means we don’t have a jig for it yet, keep an eye on the website as new machines will pop up often as we grow. If you are local and can bring your machine by we can build custom.