Gen 1 2008-2011 CanAm Outlander 500-650-800cc Sniper Performance Series Slip On

Add Ons
Select oxygen sensor bung if your machine comes factory with an oxygen sensor or if you require it for AFR tuning purposes

**If purchasing a coated pipe please add your coating color selections to the "Special Instructions For Seller" section at checkout.**

Our Sniper Performance Series slip on pipes offer up a sound like no other and pump out impressive numbers across the board.  If you want extra LOUD and DEEP tones this is your pipe!  With the optional removable quiet core or spark arrestor you have the flexibility of still having a toned down quieter version to run wherever and whenever. The Sniper Series pipe design breaks out of its class!  It is designed with the racer in mind, with its simple mostly welded design it is unmatched as far as being easily repackable and durable.

All of our pipes require fuel tuning.


Spark ArrestorThe purpose of the spark arrestor is to keep hot debris from exiting the exhaust which could potentially harm the environment.  It also helps in reducing the noise level of the pipe.

Quiet Core - The purpose of the quiet core is to dampen the noise level of the pipe by a few decibels.

Big Core - The big core option is exactly what it sounds like, instead of a 2” inner core in our standard mufflers we use a 2.5” large core.  This makes it as free flowing as a megaphone pipe but still has the signature tone of the sniper series pipes.  It still utilizes glass pack but also a tightly woven stainless steel mesh wrapped around the core to help preserve the glass pack. These are designed specifically for the big time racers.  It is approximately 4-6 decibels louder than the standard sniper performance series.

Oxygen Sensor Bung - Select this option if your machine comes factory with an oxygen sensor or if you require it for AFR tuning purposes.  Factory sensors are typically only in some 2021-2022 model year CanAms.  If you don't know whether or not your machine has one please contact us.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all hardware remains tight after exhaust has been heat cycled.

Exhaust clamp is included.

Please remember all of our pipes are built to order. Typically raw stainless pipes are shipped within 1-2 weeks and coated pipes are shipped within 3-4 weeks of order date.